A Lesson Worth Learning – Inspiring Tale of a Little Girl

A Lesson Worth Learning – Inspiring Tale of a Little Girl

Inspirational Real-Life Experiences

I was walking out of Lord Krishna’s temple at Mathura city when I saw a man begging from everyone that passed by. The beggar seemed to be hungry but unfortunately, I had nothing to offer to the beggar.

Just then, a Landlord who had got off his royal horse excessively close to the priest of the temple, walked passed the beggar in a highly impressive style. As he started moving towards the temple stairs with his security guard, his shoes making the sound of Kat- Kat, the beggar caught his legs. The beggar raised his finger to the sky and said, for the sake of “Krishna” please, give me some money.

In an attempt to avoid the beggar and end the moment, the Landlord kept moving forward. However, the beggar continued requesting the landlord for some money. The landlord, wearing his black glasses, un-attentively said, “Krishna will provide!” The beggar replied, “What! Did you think, at any moment that I ever thought you were my provider! I’m not asking for your mercy, I KNOW God provides for all including you.”

The two stood there staring at one another for a moment and then the landlord made his way to the temple stairs climbing hurriedly. A poor Rajasthani desert girl selling her plums, was sitting nearby on the street and was moved by the incident. She did not have much, but from what she did have, she pulled out a 1 rupee coin and placed it in the hands of that beggar. He smiled and went on his way.

After some time the landlord returned from his worship and noticed that there was no one there to disturb him. He turned around and made his way through the crowd to the place where the incident had happened. There was no one in the scene except the poor girl.  He pulled out a 100 rupee note from his pocket to give to the beggar. But he looked left and right and could not find him. What was he to do? He had already pulled out the 100 rupees note to give for the sake of God and was not going to put it back.

He found the nearest person and it was the poor girl. He thought for a while and told his security guard to handover the money to the girl. The security guard did as he was told. The girl quickly got up and ran behind the horse, shouting loudly “your majesty, please, hold on-hold on!” The landlord  stopped his horse and asked “why are you running behind us, girl?” The girl politely asked him to get down from his majestic horse. The landlord got off his horse.

The girl said to him, “look charity does not diminish wealth, alternately it multiplies it”. God says that “If you serve the needy people, I shall serve you 100 times more”. She explained that Krishna has given her 100 times more worth of what she gave to the hungry man.

The landlord was overwhelmingly impressed by the girl and he followed her inspiration his whole life.

Contributed By:  Murari Chaturvedi, freelance writer – articles, short story, political news and technical.
Email : mikertc@rediffmail.com


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