The Unbreaking of Miranda’s Heart

The Unbreaking of Miranda’s Heart

The heavens shone with a million stars. The whisper’s of angels circled in the cosmic dust. Lily the littlest of angels stood within the palm of God’s hand. God’s eyes gleamed like two of the most brilliant diamonds, their light reflecting through the universe. “Lily, you are one of my sweetest creations, and with you I am so pleased.” Whispers God gently. Lily just smiles and blushes as a hush sweeps over the vast heavens. Lily was the tiny angel chosen by God to flutter her lily white wings within the hearts of all sad children, causing them to smile joyously and quelling their tears.

On the earth below enchanted by the large droplets of rain falling outside her window at St. John’s Orphanage stands six year old Miranda in her pink flowered dress. Her only dress. “Asian Flower” the sisters called her, for she radiated all the beauties of her Asian ancestry.

As she stands enchanted Nurse Joan stops by announcing, “Hello! Miranda, my beautiful flower. How are you this Morning?”

Miranda turns in excitement and with an exuberant smile blurts, “Nurse Joan! Nurse Joan! I was waiting for you to read to me. Please! Nurse Joan, will you read that story for me.” “What story is that Miranda?” Nurse Joan questions with a smile.

“The story by James. The one you read for me yesterday. The one you said was written for me. You know the one Nurse Joan? Asian flower!” “Oh! That one.” Responds Joan with a shrug of her shoulders. “Of course I’ll read that one. As a matter of fact that’s my favorite also. But Miranda, as I said yesterday, that’s what we call a poem, not a story, but a poem.” Miranda’s eyes appear to sparkle as she shrugs innocently.

2 “Well nurse Joan, that po-em, that’s what you call it right?” Joan nods in agreement. “Well! That po-em is the nicest story I’ve ever heard. And I could listen to James’ stories forever. Joan takes a seat upon Miranda’s bed, as Miranda cuddles next to her awaiting to hear the heavenly poem once again. Joan flips the latches on her small briefcase removing Miranda’s book of dreams. Miranda’s eyes widen in astonishment awaiting the angelic words from Joan’s smooth lips.

As Joan recites Miranda cradles her arm glancing once again towards the window. Her glance quickly becomes a hypnotic stare enraptured by the words Joan carefully picks from the page Each word consumed by Miranda’s sensitive heart.

When Joan is finished Miranda questions innocently, “Nurse Joan, is James an angel?” Joan with a soft giggle answers, “Well! Of course not Miranda, he’s a normal person just like You or I, a writer and what most people would call an artist.” Miranda frowns slight then says, “Um…He sure writes like an angel Nurse Joan. Maybe he is an angel and isn’t telling anybody?”

“Maybe you’re right Miranda.” Joan replies “Maybe he is, and if that’s what you think you keep thinking it. It’s always nice to dream Miranda, and many times dreams come true just like yours will someday.” “You mean like having a family of my own? A mommy and daddy who can take me to the park and I’ll have a big dog with a loud bark that will chase away all mean people. And I can play with him in a big backyard and kiss him and hug him. And if I do I’ll call that big dog James. He’ll be just like my guardian angel. I’ll take care of him and he’ll take care of me.

3  “Yes! Yes, Miranda.” Joan assures. “Your day will come soon, you just wait and see.” Miranda grows quiet staring towards the window once again. “What’s the matter Miranda?” a concerned Joan questions Miranda sadly responds, “I hope they find me a mommy and daddy soon Nurse Joan. Do you think people don’t want to adopt me because I’m too old?” “Too old!” Joan blurts. “Miranda you’re only six years old. You have plenty of time, you’re a beautiful, sweet little girl and if I could adopt you right now I would!” “Oh! Would you Nurse Joan?” Exclaims Miranda throwing her small arms around Joan.

“Miranda, if I could I would, believe me, I truly care for you.” Miranda looks down appearing saddened by Joan’s words, she then looks away. “Come on Miranda, smile! Replies Joan, trying once again to lift Miranda’s sagging spirits. “You know something Nurse Joan? When it rains like it does today, I don’t think it rains cats and dogs like people say. I think it rains angel’s tears. Tears they cry for all the lonely children like me. Kids without mommies and daddies, without a home.”

Joan sits speechless, tearfully choked by Miranda’s response. She clears her throat as she stands and bids Miranda a quick goodbye. She struggles to hold back her thinking, Please! God, let Miranda find a happy home….Soon! Miranda lifts the book which Joan in her emotional moments has forgotten. Her precious book of heavenly poems. Works that Miranda can only understand to be beautiful angel stories. She slowly opens to the first page and observes a picture of a small angel, a beautiful angel set aglow.

4 “This is an angel’s book!” Miranda exclaims in excitement. “James is an angel! And here’s his picture and he’s a beautiful angel too!” She turns the page, sliding her small finger down the page she stops at a title set in bold print. She carefully recites each letter she observes. “L…I….L..Y.. Lily? Lily! She must be a lady angel? Maybe she’s James’ sister angel? I’d like to meet her too. Dear God, please! Someday let me meet James and his sister angel Lily. I want to be their friend cause I truly love James. Can I please! Marry him someday? Please! Please! Please! God, please!

I’ll be a good mommy and angel wife and I know James would be a good daddy too. We’ll have 100 angel babies and read them angel stories everyday. I promise!” Miranda clasps her hands in prayer glancing towards the ceiling hoping God will hear her heartfelt prayer and answer it. A few days passed before Joan found the time to visit her dear little Friend Miranda. Heading towards her room she’s stopped abruptly by Sister Eileen. Appearing troubled the sister tells Joan that Miranda had suddenly taken ill the same day Joan had stopped by to see her. Joan shocked asks Sister Eileen exactly what had occurred, and what was Miranda’s current condition. The sister tells Joan that Miranda developed a fever so high, they thought it best to have the young child transferred to “Christ Hospital” In the nearby town of Hope.

Joan concerned asks the sister if she could cover for her while she quickly paid a visit to Miranda to see how she was doing and to raise her spirits. “Of course Joan!” The sister replies assuringly. ‘Take all the time you need. Sister Dorthy and I can handle things while You’re gone. Say hello! To the little one for me.

5 Let her know that we all miss her so very much.” Joan smiles then hugs Sister Eileen responding in a gracious voice “Oh! Thank you so very much sister, I won’t forget this favor, ever.” Joan quickly runs to retrieve her jacket on her way to the town of Hope, hoping along the way that her dear little friend Miranda is okay. A steady rain falls as Joan carefully maneuvers her small vehicle through the rain soaked streets. Droplets of rain that mercilessly pelt the windshield are swept through the wrath of the swift moving windshield wipers. The words Miranda spoke to her days earlier play through Joan’s thoughts.

“Nurse Joan, you know when it rains it doesn’t rain cats and dogs like most people say, I believe it rains angel’s tear drops, which they cry for all the lonely children like me, without a mommy or daddy, or a home to call their own.” Joan’s eyes cloud with tears, as she whispers a short prayer for Miranda, “God, please! Let her be okay. Take care of my little Miranda.”

Arriving at the hospital parking lot Joan jets in to the first available space she can find. Shutting down the engine she grabs her faithful umbrella weathered by many storms. Stepping outside, the rain targets Joan as she quickly presses the umbrella’s release to shield herself against nature’s fury. A stiff wind attacks propelling Joan’s umbrella skyward. “Oh! No.” She exclaims as the vicious wind steals her faithful protector. Joan quickly runs towards the hospital’s entrance as her umbrella scurries through the parked cars. In a fast trot she reaches the hospital’s entrance disappearing through its doors.

6 At the information desk a young woman behind it smiles and asks Joan politely, “Can I help You?” “Yes you can!” Joan quickly responds. “I’m looking for a Miranda Chung. She’s from St. John’s orphanage I’m her nurse there, I believe she was admitted a few days ago?” The young woman pecks at her computer keys seeking the location of Miranda. “Yes, here we go, Miranda Chung, she’s in the children’s ward on the second floor.”

Joan thanks the woman who hands Joan her pass upstairs. She makes her way quickly to the elevator on her way to the second floor. On the second floor Joan arrives at the nurses station where a nurse attentively scans through patient’s charts. Joan stands at the desk for several moments then clears her throat to grab the nurse’s attention.

“Excuse me.” She responds, “I’m looking for a patient. Her name is Miranda Chung, I’m her nurse at St. John’s orphanage.” Without hesitation the nurse answers, “Oh! Yes, Miranda, what a beautiful little girl. We were so concerned for her when she was admitted. She was quite ill. Fortunately her fever has broken and she smiling beautifully today.

Joan questions, “Do the doctors know what the problem was?

“We’ll you’ll have to talk with Doctor Edwards about that, he’s the physician taking handling her. He would know. As a matter of fact he spent so many hours with her the past couple of days, I believe he’s fallen for the pretty little thing. He’s such a wonderful man, and doctor. He and his wife have been wanting for children for several years, he’d make a great father. I think he’s even tempted to adopt the little girl.”

7 “Is that right?” Joan questions with a smile. “I’d like to see her what room is she in?” “Sure, she’s in room 211. Last time I checked on her on her she was awake and asking for pancakes, seems she loves pancackes, especially with strawberries.”

“Oh! Yes” Joan agrees. “If Miranda had it her way, every breakfast, lunch and dinner would include pancakes. They’re her favorite.” Joan departs from the nurses station and enters room 211 where she sees Miranda with fork in hand joyously munching on strawberry pancakes. “Nurse Joan!” Miranda blurts slamming her fork down on her tray. “Nurse Joan!” I have a surprise for you guess what?”

Joan is taken back by Miranda’s current enthusiasm, folding her arms she questions the little girl, “Is that right Miranda? What is this surprise you have for me?” Miranda on her knees with her hands folded answers excitedly, “I met James and his sister Lily!” Joan puzzled squeezes her smooth lips then asks, “James and Lily, who are they Miranda?” “James the angel, Nurse Joan, and his sister angel Lily.” Responds Miranda disappointed at Joan’s forgetfulness. Joan’s eyes widen in astonishment but she is troubled by the small girl’s words. “When did you meet them Miranda?” Joan questions.

“Yesterday, they both came to my room. James and Lily both, they spent the whole day with me. We played and Lily, she’s so tiny, but you know what? She touched my heart with her angel’s wings and she made me feel so happy. Nurse Joan, I wish you could have met them too. But they said they know you.”

8 Joan believing Miranda is just running astray with an over active imagination shakes her head in acknowledgement smiling then says, “That’s so very nice Miranda that they would stop bye and say hello and see how you were doing.” Joan takes a seat next to Miranda’s bed as the nurse enters the room and Miranda exclaims, “Nurse Stephanie! I told nurse Joan that Angel James and his sister Lily were here to see me yesterday. They were so nice and beautiful. They told me that someday soon I will have a mommy and daddy and a big dog, and! A big house to live in with a big backyard and that big dog I’m gonna kiss and hug all day long.”

Stephanie’s eyes widen as she glances to Joan and shrugs her shoulders. “Boy! Miranda,” Joan goes on to say, “What an imagination you have for a little girl, I bet you can be a great story teller when you want to be?” Miranda frowns, “I’m not making this up, it’s true! James and Lily were here yesterday and Lily left me this beautiful flower.”

Miranda pulls forth a beautiful white Lily as both Joan’s and Stephanie’s eyes wonder in amazement. “Lily told me to hold this flower close to my heart whenever I felt lonely and she would always be close to make me smile.” Joan stands to grab a closer look at the beautiful flower then questions, “Miranda! Where did you get such a beautiful flower?” I told you nurse Joan, Lily the angel gave it to me. James and Lily were here with me yesterday we played and had a great time all day.”

Miranda sniffs the lily’s sweet fragrance. Joan walks towards Stephanie and whispers,

9 “Where’d she get that flower?” Stephanie shakes her head responding softly, “I have no idea, she must have gotten out of bed and grabbed it from another room?”

“But I thought you told me she’s been quite ill since she arrived?” Questions Joan Stephanie shrugs her shoulders then says, “There must be an explanation.” Moments pass when a handsome dark haired doctor enters the room. Stephanie turns an in enthusiastic voice responds, “Oh! Doctor Edwards! How are you this morning?” The doctor smiles brightly then answers, “I’m fine, thank you! And how is my beautiful little patient today?” Miranda quickly jumps up shouting, “James, you came back to see me!”

The doctor smiles once again and questions, “Yes I did Miranda I came back to check on you, but how’d you know my name was James?” “You’re the angel James, don’t you remember? Lily you and me were playing all day yesterday.”

Miranda again frowns at another person’s forgetfulness. “Oh! Whatever you say Miranda, I’m sorry! I’ve been so busy I must have forgotten. Yes! Now I remember, you, me and Lily we had a great time.” Miranda then smiles her brightest smile. The doctor turns to Joan and questions, “And you are?” “Yes I’m one of the nurses from St. John’s. my name is Joan, Joan Redding. I stopped by to see how Miranda was doing.”

10 The doctor squeezes his lips the answers, “Well I’ll tell you, she’s doing much better than she was the last couple of days, yesterday she was quite ill with a fever of 105. I was quite worried but miraculously early this morning her fever broke. I can only describe it as miraculous. God surely answered our prayers.”

“Amen! To that” Joan answers in relief, “I understand you’ve spent quite a few hours with Miranda these past couple of days, I and all of us at the orphanage truly appreciate your sincere dedication for Miranda.” “Oh! That’s no problem Joan. Miranda’s a beautiful child. A child anyone including myself would be honored to have as their own. I would like to talk with someone at St. Johns about possibly adopting Miranda. My wife and I have been trying to have children of our own for the past several years, unfortunately it hasn’t happened. We would both love to have a daughter like Miranda.”

Joan smiles, then answers, “Oh! That would be wonderful doctor. I’m sure both you and your wife would be perfect candidates for adopting Miranda, and I know she would be happy, for starters you have the perfect name.” The doctor puzzled, questions, “Perfect name, what do you mean?”

“James!” Replies Joan with a big smile. “Miranda has always loved the name James since I read her the poem “Asian Flower” By the poet James. I can’t remember his last name, but since I read her poetry from his book she’s always dreamed of meeting James one day, she believes he’s an angel.” The doctor appearing shocked shakes his head responding, “This is amazing, are you sure you don’t remember the last name of the Poet James?” Joan shrugs answering, “Not that I recall, James, James,

11 James….James Edwards! Oh! My God, doctor, is that you?” The doctor acknowledges with a nod of his head he goes on to say, “Yes it is, I published that book ten years ago right out of college. I don’t believe this.” Joan responds in astonishment, “So Miranda has finally met her angel. I can’t believe this! This truly is a miracle.” Joan breathes a heavy sigh and leans against the wall shocked by the current information she is receiving. Minutes pass as both Joan and Doctor Edwards approach Miranda’s bed, standing there, Joan smiles at Miranda replying, “Miranda, meet your angel, and your future daddy….”

Contributed By:  Daniel Jay Mc Shane katie163@verizon.net The story is about Miranda is an orphan girl, wishing to God and praying in her own way for a family of her own and through a small book her eyes are opened to a forth coming miracle. The miracle to her dreams come true.

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