Pain of a Father

Pain of a Father

The father who has brought up his son in dreams now has become a burden for his son.

His eyes have become damp, no teeth, pain in hands and feet. In this way, he has become totally dependent upon his son.

The old person needs the help of others to do simple things like walking, taking a bath and much more.

Hence, whenever the old person said anything to his son, his son became irritated.

This has become a daily schedule. The old person has to bear these things.
One day, the father made his son remember “You didn’t give me medicine today”. “How much can I remember”, the son answered.

“Stop, son, you have to remember only one thing – you have also to become old one day”.

Saying these words, the old man cried.

Contributed By:  Dr. Ram Sharma is working as a Senior Lecturer In English : Janta Vedic College, Baghpat U.P India dr.ram_sharma@yahoo.co.in

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