Three persons having sticks, killed the snake. The snake died on the spot. The first person said “I used my stick in a way that the snake died suddenly”.

The second person said “The others don’t use their stick skillfully and it was my stick that killed the snake”

The third person said “Both of you are telling lies, if I hadn’t used my stick, the snake wouldn’t have died. Both of you have used the stick uselessly” “Lies”, you are telling lies” both said.

Then one person said “We killed the snake and you want to take the credit. “The second one said “It will not happen”.

The third one said “I have killed the snake”. There was great confusion among the three. There was struggle with the sticks which were previously used on the snake. Now these sticks were used by them on each other.In this way all the three were injured. In the meantime the wounded snake bit all the three.

Contributed By:  Dr. Ram Sharma is working as a Senior Lecturer In English : Janta Vedic College, Baghpat U.P India dr.ram_sharma@yahoo.co.in

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