So Heartwarming – A Valuable Lesson

So Heartwarming – A Valuable Lesson

I was returning home from work I dreaded it because Shiv kaka, a distant uncle of my mothers was expected. I hadn’t even known of his existence before this.

But surprisingly, I was instantly drawn towards his simplicity. I listened to him talk with enthusiasm over dinner. He had travelled in a crowded train to meet us. .I was touched by the effort. We put off meeting friends and family and keep in touch over phone or internet

His daughter was married, one of his sons had set up his own business and other was a priest. He owned a piece of land and two cows. Yet he was proud of the fact that he was financially independent He was content playing with his grand children. He insisted on giving my sister and me money as parting gifts. But the most touching bit was his parting line were his words “With Gods grace I have got more than I require, I don’t want anything more, God can give it to others.”

We are all conditioned to aim for higher goals. Self help books and success gurus propagate the idea that contentment leads to stagnation. An old man from the village taught me an important lesson. I hope to cherish the thought forever and pass it on.

Contributed By:  Reenna C Dave a sales professional with passion for writing. When am not selling , I love to pen down thoughts and experiences, stories with interesting characters and incidents which are worth sharing. reennacdave@gmail.com

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