Our Society and Culture, India

Our Society and Culture, India – True Tales To Draw Inspiration From Our Society And Culture

It is almost common that every newspaper reports, several cities across the country were put on high alert after a string of blasts rocked in some prominent places. Security was tightened in malls, bus and train stations, other public places and vital installations.

In the first week of July 2008, I and my wife had to visit Indore in Madhya Pradesh for the first time for an urgent assignment. We reached around 11 pm and found that the whole city of Indore was under curfew and we were not allowed to go out of the railway station. All the stranded passengers had occupied every nook and corner of the station. Security has been beefed up all over.

Since the assignment was very urgent and we needed to return the next day, we tried our level best and reached our destination the next day by noon with utter difficulties. By evening, the situation became worse – there was practically no chance to return to the railway station which was about 10 kms. Any how, we decided to walk to the station with the aim of reaching there in the next 2 hours.

On the way we met Mr. Paramjeet Singh Chhabra and his family, a business man dealing in imported woods. In spite of all odds he took us to his house, phoned up his colleagues to find out the way to reach the station. Finally, they took us to a meter gauge station away from the police interruptions and from there we boarded a train to the main station. We were practically moved by the hospitality of his family members.

“Cast out Caste and look at the light within” said Guru Nanak. Mr. Paramjeet Singh Chhabra and his family members are a source of inspiration. Whenever I think of him, I remember the proverb “what we sow so we reap”. The character and deeds of parents are transformed to the children. No religion teaches violence. Violence crept into the community by way of lust and greed. Politicians in our country in order to save their vote banks used religion and community to their favour. These politicians are least bothered about the development of our nation. Whenever there emerge something of national importance, instead of staying together they drift apart at their own convenience, whether it is the emerging terrorism or giving our police force enough authority and the required weapons to counter such situations without any political interference.

Knowing about God is different than knowing God. With our minds we can know some ideas of what God is like. Learning from Scripture we can know the revealed truths of the divine attributes. Looking at God we can know much about the nature and character. Observing nature we can see the handiwork of the Creator. But all these things by themselves don’t add upto knowing God. You can no more know God by gathering information. You can find out a lot about someone, but you can only say you know them when you have met.

You can only say you know someone well after you have spent time together in intimate conversation and camaraderie. Many people are not interested to know even about their neighbours. In a society we must know each other and involve ourselves in the well being of our fellow beings.

There are many Paramjeet Singhs ready to help people in need. We have learnt a lot from them and determined to help others the way we can.

Contributed By: George Joseph george.j@adityabirla.com

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