Selection of a Suitable Candidate

Selection of a Suitable Candidate

An interview was going on in the headquarters for the selection of a suitable candidate because elections were very near.

The leader of the party was asking only one question – “Why should I provide you the ticket?”

All the gathered candidates answered it differently.

The first candidate said “I have spent all my time in the social field and in the service of people. These persons will support me. I can win this seat easily.

The second one said “I have always been faithful to the party and served the party with complete dedication”.

The third one cleared “I have helped the party in every kind of work like booth capturing etc”

The fourth one said “I have full faith in the party president. I want to enter into politics only to serve him. If I am provided with the ticket, I shall continue serving him in this way”

After the interview, on the base of merit and ability the fourth candidate was found suitable.

Contributed By: Dr. Ram Sharma is working as a Senior Lecturer In English : Janta Vedic College, Baghpat U.P India dr.ram_sharma@yahoo.co.in

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