System Change

System Change

All the animals of the forest revolted against the autocracy of the lion.

They wanted a system change. Their main aim was democracy.

The lion accepted their demand and at once decided to do free and fair poll. The lion made a new party named `Forest- Congress` and filed his nomination. His rival was the deer who made his party `Forest-Public`. But unfortunately he lost the election.

After the election a ceremony was organized and so there was a gathering. All these things were done in respect of the winning Lion.

The lion was respected with flower garlands. All the animals were happy.

The yesteryear autocratic king now became the elected and became the peoples representative. All the animals were shouting the slogans `Long live the Lion, Long live the democracy, Long live the Forest-Congress`.

In this gathering those animals were also assembled who contested against the Lion. They were shouting the same slogans.

Contributed By:  Dr. Ram Sharma is working as a Senior Lecturer In English : Janta Vedic College, Baghpat U.P India dr.ram_sharma@yahoo.co.in

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