W O R K – Is it Merely a Four Letter Word?

W O R K – Is it merely a four letter word?

“We could hardly wait to get up in the morning. I know that exhilarating feeling of being so passionate about something I was working on that I couldn’t wait to get back to work. And people who are winning at working know that kind of passion, too” Wilbur Wright, of the Wright brothers fame.

Once there was a young man, working as an electrician in an electrical appliances manufacturing company, who actually didn’t like his job, because he knew he had all the capabilities of getting a decent job than this, however he settle for this job. You see everyone settled in any field, without losing the hope that one day, he would get his dream job, which would provide him money as well as satisfaction. In his case, nothing happened for long, even till his retirement. Everyday when he came home from work, he told his wife about his day at work, how terrible the day had been, how tiring the work and how unreasonable his boss. Every day as usual his wife said “Leave that job,”. “Oh I will” he said. But not yet. I have many friends there, hence I am not thinking to leave it now.”

Every day he complained to his wife, his wife replied with the usual suggestions, this continued for long, until the days became years and her family grew to five. “Leave the job,” his children told him. “Oh I will” he said. “But not yet. I have seniority and chances of promotion and a decent bonus, which I can spend for providing you best education. I’m not ready to start over just yet. And so he remained unhappy at work until the years became decades and his children grew and they had children. “Leave the job,” her grandchildren told him. “Oh I will,” she said. “But not yet. There’s only seven more years until I reach thirty years of service and then I can have some decent retirement benefits. So I can not leave it now.”

And finally, one day, he retired from the services, without much visible elevation from his initial stages, in wages and his position, even though the company knew that he was a good electrician the company could have, like any other such persons, he came home with a garland in his hand and a pack of gift in other hand, a taxi was hired to drop him at home, he smiled at his children and grand children and said “Finally I left the job”. They did mum on his words, as they knew this was a thing to happen one day.

After retirement, he set up an electrical workshop, where he started to work on his own ways, innovation and creation are the catchword of the workshop, as these things he liked to do it in the company, where he worked. Since, he was an excellent electrician, his workshop prospered and within in years, it grew and doubled its capacity into famous workshop of the town, he introduced various innovative ideas like maintenance free electrical appliances and novel ways to reduce electric consumption in household electrical appliances and likewise items. He was very happy there, his sons also joined him and helped him the company to prosper further. He never thought that if this could have been done at a very earlier stage than working under some managers and for meager salaries, had him avoided the disappointing times in his life, however that was the life’s experience, anyway at the later stage he could at least manage to do something on his own.

I know this person, he was my uncle and we know many people like him. Some people, who settle for where they are, what they’re doing, and how they’re doing the job, not seeing the opportunities or underestimate their capabilities and settle for some less attractive opportunities and every day complained to his spouse and children, the job is no good. People who have planted their feet in a cushion of comfort, even though they feel the job was not that much attractive, but stay in the job, lacking the courage to move from what is to what could be. People experience work like a four letter word and doing nothing to change it.

We convince ourselves the pain is not bad enough to leave the workplace we know, where actually we feel a homelike situation and when we leave we feel the home sickness. But we are wrong. Prolonged work pain is damaging. Some damages our self-esteem, kills our passion or destroys our dreams. Some emerges when we compromise our values, quiet our voice or hide our talent. Some happens when we are scored by power or believe our own myths of importance and significance. Some occurs when we look the other way, say yes when we mean no or forfeit the promises we made to ourselves. But later in our life, we feel the heat that if we could have done this then this had been the case, but initial stages of life, we somehow manages to work for various employers, even if we were having the capabilities of doing something alternative which could give us the satisfaction, which we sought for long.

People get excited about work, they surprise others by offering their unique skills and talents, though they do not get compensated what they offered. When things change as they sometimes will, they refuse to let a hostile work environment hijack their self-esteem, passion or dreams. When work becomes work, they experience the pain of the heartrending feeling of bad office, bad boss, and bad environment, however they do not ready to take the otherwise views how to become somebody. They actually lying on a nail, which give uncomfortable felling of a pain.

Contributed By: Satish Nair satish.nair@adityabirla.com

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