Original Personal Thoughts to Inspire Someone

Original Personal Thoughts to Inspire Someone

“Happiness is like a well, the more you draw out of it, the more it gets filled up.”

Original Thought Contributed By: Leny Shemy, a packaging technologist, currently house wife lenyshemy@gmail.com

“Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special occasion.”

Original Thought Contributed By: Anju, anjuagar@yahoo.in

* ‘God Rewards Those Who Put Their Hearts In Their Work’ If you put everything you have in your work – all your efforts will be rewarded.
* “Be Prosperous in Your Heart And Mind Rather Than in Your Possessions”

Original Thought Contributed By: Amita

* ‘Smile More Often, It Will Make You Feel Better Than Whom You Smile At’ When we make the effort of smiling at someone, our hearts open with happiness first and only then this positive feeling transfers to the one we smile at. Hence, each of us should smile more often for our own sakes as well as for others.

* ‘Be Contained To Be Content’ In life, it is essential to find happiness within oneself. If you are self sufficient, self reliant and self motivated, you can be content with yourself as well as with the world.

* ‘Take God’s Name With Each Breath Because You Never Know Which One Will Be Your Last’

* ‘Help the needy with cash and kind and the privileged with good advice.’

* ‘The more you brood, the more you age’

* ‘Back biting if revealed, kills one’s mind and heart’

Original Thoughts Contributed By: Amrita

* “Live your life like today is the first day of your life and you are going to make a new beginning.” This will fill your life with happiness and hope of changing things for the better.

* “God is never partial to select few. To each of us he has given some talent. It is up to us to realize that latent talent.”

* “Remembering God in the rough times of your life does not do miracle but it gives you strength and courage to fight back”

* “Being smart leads to short term success. However, sincerity, dedication and clear conscience lead to the long term success.”

Original Thoughts Contributed By: Anju Kotwani

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