Fathomless Human Energy – Story About Self Belief & Race Against Time

Fathomless Human Energy – Story About Self Belief & Race Against Time   

Every human in this universe is bestowed with mental and physical energy the quantum of which however varies amongst them as per age, gender, race, and region etc. But according to researchers only some percentage of it is coming out with major portion available only under great provocation/inspiration/motivation. YOGIS are able to achieve unbelievable feats by their irresistible desire catalyzed by high level of motivation and concentration. This holds true even for showing physical excellence.

Even ordinary human beings are achieving both physical and mental feats without their knowledge but under motivation. A few of them are narrated below.

1.    A fat lady trying to sprint for catching the last bus of the day.
2.    An old man escaping from the chasing dog.
To quote more serious cases, 1.    A young lady even killing the man when her chastity is challenged. 2.    A soldier defending the nation going all out with limited resources and never even minds getting martyred. 3.    Even sometime back PAKISTANI cricket team was beating much stronger INDIA consistently though they were beaten cheaply by lesser nations.

In all the above cases they would not, rather could not have achieved the extra ordinary feat under normal conditions but for hooking back the hidden energy through high level of motivation/ provocation/ desire/ urge whatever you may call.

If only you analyze the life of yours, relatives or friends either existing or dead certainly there might have been instances when they rose up to the occasion to survive a serious problem. While certainly there is also a limit for the expansion of the physical energy it has been the belief for the limitless availability of mental energy. I want to share one such incidence with my dear readers that happened almost 2 decades back when I was in my 50s.

While I was preparing for the next lecture at the Central Detective Training School, Kolkata at about 3 PM, there was a call from my brother working at the Space Research Centre, Sriharikota that our mother had fallen sick and her condition was serious. It was his advice to reach their immediately if I wanted to see her alive. Some how I managed to board the Chennai Mail neglecting all other domestic and official commitments. When the train reached Orissa during that night it was pouring furiously due to sudden depression in the Bay of Bengal. We were told that the rain was furious for the last 2 days over the entire stretch of east coast making the situation worse when we entered Andhra Pradesh. On both sides of the track all the land was submerged under heavy water. Some how we reached Vijaywada much behind schedule. But there were a few other trains stranded in all platforms for the past one day as the tracks were badly damaged in all directions. Railways announced after considerable time that there was no scope for our train to reach Chennai in normal route and may be diverted via Arakkonam. I was desperate to reach Sullerpet which was about 50km short of Chennai and from there I could only proceed by road to Sriharikota where my mother resides.

The time was already running out and there was no news about my mother as the telephone line was also disrupted. I was praying all GODS that no mishap should take please before my seeing her alive. The road route too was in a bad condition. At last came the announcement that a special train was arranged for Chennai that will go very slowly due to the bad condition of the tracks. Meanwhile all the edibles and even drinks were exhausted at the station and a few that were available were priced many times. I was already hungry for more than 12 hours and even safe drinking water couldn’t be procured. But the pangs of hunger didn’t affect me as I was highly focused on my dear mother.

Some how I boarded that crowded train with my limited luggage. As the train was approaching Sullerpet other passengers were telling me that train won’t stop there as the condition of the platform was very bad. But a few others encouraged me that the train would be very slow and with their help I could get out of the train along with my luggage. The time was about 8am when the train was approaching the station and in that slow speed could get off the train with those 2 small luggage but on a pool of water.

To my surprise I was the only passenger watched curiously by the station master. When I explained my story he pitied on me telling that I had committed a blunder as there was absolutely no transport to Sriharikota which was at a distance of more than 20 kms. Also all the lodges had closed due to flood condition and it would have been wiser if I had continued the journey up to Chennai. But I was so adamant that I was even prepared to walk all the distance.

All of a sudden, I saw a cycle at the horizon and on its closer look I saw a young man with milk bottles on both sides plowing towards my destination. He came to me straight and on hearing my plight told that it was not possible for him to give a lift as he was already loaded and the road was also under knee deep water. But he helped me in procuring a cycle on hire from a near by shop and used his influence and convinced the shop keeper for the return of the cycle meeting the repairing charges for the damages in that hostile flood. I fastened my goods to the cycle with a rope supplied by him. That good natured Malayalee boy was guiding me from the front while I was negotiating through the flood with half of the wheel submerged under water in most of the places. The lamp posts on either side were giving the idea of the road. Any deviation from that would land us to the lakes. In this manner I plodded through the entire stretch of 20 km. with the empty stomach and exhausted condition like a man ‘possessed’ and when we reached the gate it was almost 2PM.

I reached my brother’s quarters drained off thoroughly and knocked the door. My brother opened the gate with great astonishment and bewilderment as to how I had reached at all. I rushed to my mother’s room and was greatly relieved to see her sitting and drinking porridge. My father rose up from his bed equally startled. They explained that she had recovered from the alarming state and never wanted me to come in those adverse conditions. But on contacting were told that I had already left. They were actually worrying and were under the impression that I was helplessly stranded at Vijayawada.

Having relieved of my mental agony I came to my original self when I felt for the first time enormous hunger and pain all over my body. But I couldn’t consume anything and only wanted complete rest for a few hours. Afterwards I recovered, took my food and conversed with all. My mother lived for 6 more months afterwards when I could reach her only after her death.
I am sure in normal condition the above feat couldn’t have been done not only by me but also a few younger men.

Contributed By: J. PANCHAPAGESAN is a Chennai based DSP(RETD). jpanchapagesan@yahoo.co.in

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