Forgiveness, Renewal & Hope

Forgiveness, Renewal & Hope

As I look back on life I realize the things I once held on to so tightly were just “things” and the people I once put upon a pedestal…are just “people”. We are all the same. We have all been ushered into this world, initially, with a purpose. From the moment we are born, lives change, choices are made that affect our existence as we know it.

As we grow and become a larger part of the human race, our choices affect others…often to their detriment. As humans, we have the ability to choose. Imagine that. Free will…the ability to choose.

How dangerous is that opportunity we’ve been given and yet such a powerful yardstick by which to measure our devotion and obedience to that purpose.

Someone once said “youth is wasted on the wrong people”. I don’t know who “someone” was but they were wise beyond their years…or maybe it was their years that made them so wise. Looking back now I see all the mistakes made, opportunities missed and words left unspoken. I suppose it never solves anything to see the world in retrospect, except to learn from mistakes in order to keep from repeating them.

Mistakes? I have made many…but I have lived wildly, loved deeply and laughed much. My past haunts, my future beckons and I am thankful to be blessed with a rich and fulfilling life that has led me to this end…not an end filled with sadness and remorse but one filled with forgiveness, renewal and hope for tomorrow.

Contributed By: Janna B. Long JLong@springtownisd.net

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