Introspection in Human Psychology

Introspection in Human Psychology

Every person in this world is born with a split personality. One what he is (that’s is innate or inborn) and other that he desires to be.

He nurtures dreams for his future. Apart from simple ordinary pleasures of life, he wishes to fulfill all demands and luxuries of life.

Some people have courage to materialize their dreams and let their white hopes come true successfully. But, all people are not fortunate enough to get what they wish.

When they encounter sufferings their thoughts change. All their strength is lost. The world of sweet imagination shatters down to bitter reality.

Hence, the real happiness lies in contentment of life, as imaginations are charming and glorious and also momentary.

In the end, the words to be written are “Virtues are easy to possess superficially but, remember they vanish instantly.”

Contributed By: Meenakshi Jain, from Gurgaon, India working with Fidelity Inv. ltd meej0101@aim.com

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