Man Becomes What He Thinks

Man Becomes What He Thinks

“MAN  becomes  what  he  THINKS” has been said  in the Vedas.

From time immemorial mankind thought, preached, wrote, debated and  talked  about  Freedom of speech, worship, artistic  expression, political and economic. Its an endless subject but still every human being is asking himself what is freedom?

Is it the freedom from the capitalistic system, communistic and religious dictatorships or the DYNASTO CRAZIC democracy and for  the attainment we had physical revolutions –

French to Russian but we see that the revolutionary becomes conservative after  revolution and crushing counter revolution, in  the  case  of  religious  revolution, we see the tyrannical priesthood getting more  powerful and  freedom is  buried so whatever revolution we have we are not achieving our goal except by spiritual revolution and  MAHATMA GANDHI showed the world how to fight for FREEDOM without even raising a weapon –

The main quality of a freedom  fighter is Fearlessness. It can be attained only by people whose mind is FREE from all the earthly temptations, fears, dependence, and a heart to love and serve people.

Without expecting any gains and those non-violent peaceful people can only make a spiritual revolution for the attainment of Freedom, peace and equality

Contributed By: Muhammed Shah, lives and works in Japan [always thinking to return to India]

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