A Patient’s Faith in a Doctor – Motivational Writing, India


A Patient’s Faith in a Doctor – Motivational Writing, India   

This is a true story about faith and a dedicated doctor.

A man once became very ill with stomach ailments. He consulted many doctors who examined him thoroughly and diagnosed


Faith in Doctor

stomach ulcer. They were of the opinion that his stomach lining had completely corroded and nothing much could be done to help him. Over time, the suffering man could not even eat or drink anything. Whatever he ate, however light or plain, could not be digested.

His condition became even more serious which led to severe and continuous heart burn and discomfort the whole day. As a result, he could not work during the day nor could he sleep at night.

A friend of his came to know about his problem and recommended a doctor who was quite old and very humble. They all decided that there was no harm in consulting one more doctor. Though the ill man had no hope for himself, he visited and met the doctor.

The old doctor examined him and said that he could help him get better but he would have to stick to a strict diet and follow it religiously. The man said that he was ready for anything if it would help him.

To everyone’s surprise, the simple and humble doctor did not prescribe much medicines but told him that if he followed a diet consisting of milk and bananas, he could be cured. The sick man was advised to have only milk & bananas and nothing else for a month. Though surprised, he agreed to do as he was asked.

He went home with not much strength, will or hope. His wife heard about the new treatment and prayed to God to help them. She put her husband on bed rest and gave him milk and bananas whenever he could eat even a little. At first, the man could not digest even this but with perseverance and hope, he continued.

After about 15 days, he became slightly better and the pain in his stomach lessened. The continued feeling of being on fire became better too and he smiled a bit after a long time. One month passed and he was completely cured. He started going for work and met his saviour occasionally to sit and chat with him.

For him, his doctor was God himself who had saved him from dying. He learnt the true meaning of hope and faith.

Contributed By: Madhuri

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