Positive Goals

Positive Goals

Each of us needs to have a goal in life to be able to succeed. Having a purpose passion in what we seek helps us to achieve whatever we seek. If our goal is to avoid something, having passion and purpose in doing this activity helps us succeed. If we focus intensely with all our energies on anything, it grows more real and commences to influence our lives. This holds true whether it is something we strongly desire or strongly detest. If we put our efforts into fighting against something, we end up giving more strength and consequence to whatever we are fighting against.

Instead we must find a desirable alternative and put our energies towards an alternative.

What we hold most firmly and consistently in our mind, we create and become. So we must keep our thoughts focused on moving toward the desirable, enjoyable and fulfilling things. Being positive helps in creating positive energies and vibes around us, giving us more happiness in what we do.

The most effective way to move away from what we don’t want is to actively move toward what we do want. Rather than defining our life by what we oppose, if we challenge ourselves to develop positive goals, we can enthusiastically embrace and follow our goals.

Our life naturally and persistently flows in the direction where our attention is focused. So we must choose to focus on the best we can imagine. ~ S Das

Contributed By: Sujatha Das das.sujatha@gmail.com

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