I Cycle My Life In Slow Motion

Love for Cycling

I Cycle My Life In Slow Motion

Never could I imagine that cycling would become a rarity. That was when I was in school and college.  I was in class IX, when I got my bicycle. I was so proud of it that I used to keep it spotlessly clean and never give it to any friend. I was worried that they may not handle it properly. I used to go long distances on Sundays just enjoying the roads and most of the time discovering them. And then there were those adventurous trips also with my friends to the far off Hathi Bagan to see the weekly Market (Haat) where they used to sell all kinds of birds, animals & fishes. And on the way back, trying to discover how the furniture Auctioneers do their business at Russell Street. Later in my pre University days, I used to cycle with a close friend of mine and we used to discuss God knows what. We had lot of issues in front of us and thought that the world’s problems needed our urgent attention. Apart from all other benefits e.g. Good exercise etc, Cycling made us look at life in slow motion.

I could see different types of people and could also go to places where city life had not crept in and life was still fresh. Cycling, then, was life. And then, I moved on in my life and got employed and the cycle was replaced with the bike and then the car. I could think of a place and go there immediately, at great speed. And I started enjoying that. But then I stopped observing life, those little things that passed me by, nature and its splendor. The speed of life made it difficult to observe these things. But then the awakening came and I rose out of my slumber.

One fine morning the monsoon rains had just stopped. It was around 6.30 AM when I borrowed the watchman’s cycle and took off to relive my old memories. I went to the places which normally did not form part of my daily route. And what an experience it was! The roads were narrow but good. And on both sides, houses were having large spaces covered with trees and plants. The rains, just then, had made them more green and wet.

I could see few people on the road. Nobody bothered about me. I could feel them pass me by unlike when I was in the bike. The odd teashops had some customers sipping away hot tea. It was so peaceful and it made me very happy. It was all in slow motion compared to my day-to-day life. I thought about the paperboys who experience this everyday and I envied them. But, can they ever know that they are a fortunate few? Now, I have decided to make myself fortunate, if not daily, at least a couple of times in a month. I want to cycle my life in slow motion and enjoy life in the best possible way.

Contributed By: Murali Krishnan is a Chartered Accountant in practice.

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