We the Dominated People of India

We the Dominated People of India

India is known for its democracy and diversity. It is a diversified country where we enjoy lots of rights and equalities along with its secularism. We are being divided into religion, class, communities and languages but through our heart we speak the common language of humanity. We celebrate a lot of festivals with lots of variations in the different states. Whether a person is Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian, we abide by all the customs. When there is a festival of light i.e. “DEEPAVALI” all community groups enjoy the same. When “EID” emerges we reciprocate with a sheer of brotherhood. Before partition we all were same, we all treated each other like brothers. It gives us immense pleasure to mix with the other groups and exchange the ideas which all lies in a common manner.

Without contradicting much a question does arise in our mind, can we say we are satisfied after Independence? Are we happy? The most common answer everyone will give is a big NO. Yes, India is developing in a rapid pace, lots of technological advancement is happening, MNC’s are being established over here. May be we have improved a lot in the sense of literacy. But where actually are we lacking that still after so much improvement since the post independence we are dealing with problems like terrorism, regionalism etc.

Terrorism is grasping our society like anything. We are unable to deal with this threat. Why? why there is demand for separate regions from different communities where once we lived like one. If the demand arises in the same way then we will be of no where. The country will be divided into minor states, where the people of that particular region will be allowed to stay. There will be loss of employment, infrastructure along with economic and financial loss. There will be separate divisions, ministers and a lot of trauma to deal with. The government will have to spend much economy on these states to make them survive. There will be emotional detachment with other, communal harmony will be distorted.

Our earlier leaders M.K.Gandhi, Subhash chandra Bose, J.N.Nehru they dreamt of a free India where people will surviving by sharing their cultures and ideas. It took their lives to fight for this country and now we are diverting our mind from such things. No we don’t deserve to survive in this way. But this is even true that not all people are same, we should not blame the whole group or region for few particular people. We have a lot more to think rather concentrating on ways to fetch a state.

At last I would like to indicate that we the people of India will not dominate our lives for the sake of regions or community. We will try to improvise our state of living, We will fight against poverty, class struggle, sex discrimination and illiteracy. These are the ways to have a developed India rather than applying methods to grab a particular state.

Contributed By: Aroma Dey

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