Her Possession, Musings

Her Possession

After leisurely evening in coffeehouse, a group of old friends planned to walk down market. They saw a young lady clutching a bag with her firm hands..It grew their curiosity.

I can tell you straightway… a woman protects her virginity. It is a big issue here. Sacred texts or social preachers all want women to be chaste ., journalist said.

Nope! A woman wishes to protect her beauty. Perhaps, she is trying to make a fashion statement with her bag. After all, who would love an ugly duckling… makeup artist reasoned.

Umm… beauty lies in the eyes of beholder…a modern woman craves for mundane comforts. Perhaps, she is carrying cash in her bag. Can you live without bread!, banker said.

Are you joking…that must be containing her husband’s secrets. She must be possessive about her husband…women are quite possessive about their men, lawyer grinned.

It all turned into a heated discussion. Finally, they decided to probe further. They all move towards her. They saw a small baby sleeping in her bag.

Contributed By: Ashish Dimri is a practicing wordsmith. Contact him : ashishdimri1@gmail.com

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