No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land

The closest one can get to the idea of a ‘male heaven’ or ‘dude paradise’ on earth has to be a girls college. The sea of girls thronging the campus grounds is a sight that you have to see to believe. Here’s a first-hand list of what you will find only and only in a girl’s college. All the other colleges can eat their heart out!!

Here’s a list of what made my college so special to me, and gave me stories that would have us splits long after…

It doesn’t matter whether you spend hours trying to pick your clothes for the next day or grab the first thing you find crammed in your wardrobe. It’s no biggie if you spend hours scrounging for the cute red peasant top at S.N. or Janpath; or breezed into the MANGO store swiping your credit card for the trendy paisley print summer dress, because there’s bound to be some other chic sporting the exact same clothes. (Not very unlikely, considering all the time we girls are believed to spend on retail therapy.) Only in a girl’s college will Fun Flips, Mayos and brown bread sandwiches be the staple diet. The gazillion communities on Orkut and Facebook dedicated to the ever popular Bhelpuri bhaiyya (he gets atleast 5 marriage proposals everyday!!) is another first.

If ever pink lace pajamas and well greased hair were the next must-haves or the hot new looks in any season, we know who to thank! After a night of gossiping and sneaking in midnight snacks, hostel girls are known to lazily sleepwalk into the morning class (sigh! the things we do for attendance) without a care.

We do things differently. While most people in other colleges are content with just catching on last night’s sleep in class, we plug in our ipods, do our nails, or even play Uno and Pictionary. ( I swear I did not make any of them up!).

The college fest is treated like some sort of a Mecca, or a holy dip of some sorts, only time when guys can walk into the campus and feast their eyes. Like an all-access party. Legend has it (according to a very reliable source- our English professor also the hostel warden, the principal’s right hand, and an ex- student herself, a ravishing beauty in her days, hell even today! Cut to the point that what she says has to be treated like gospel truth!) that guys would scale the college walls like it was some sort of a fortress during the fest. Hordes of men threatening to break in, if they weren’t let in was pretty standard too. She was known to reminisce about tales of the fest more than often in class. Ever since, I knew that whenever I would sit down to make this list, this piece of information just had to be in.

This one’s priceless….Our faculty! Sure…most DU colleges have distinguished faculty, we too had the usual “oh I spotted Prof. abc in GK with like a trillion shopping bags” or “guess who was having lunch at big chill with her boyfriend” but this was only about the later additions to our faculty. The others, part matronly, part “I-take-pleasure-in-your-misery”, were definitely the more seasoned and veteran. The stories of their youth that were doing the rounds in college were enough to keep the gossip mongers (read students) busy the whole 3 years. Rumor has it that one of our grubby, old, paan chewing, seemingly senile professor, actually had a torrid affair with Salman Rushdie and later dumped him!! Imagining her in the same league as Padmalakshmi takes all the imagination one?s got. But considering how old he is, I wouldn’t completely write it off. The other story had most of the girls in a tizzy. According to popular belief, SRK had apparently proposed one of the professor’s (she even taught us all the 3 years) and only after she rejected him, did he profess his love to current wife Gauri!!!! Though the story was never confirmed, we still take solace in the fact that even SRK did the rounds of this college for his lady love..

Also, we got the coolest college tees and sweatshirts, designed by who-else but the students, which were made in two of the hottest colours every year including purple and black. And may i add that they have been ooh-ed and aah-ed many a times outside college.

PS: Contrary to what popular perception we are not a man-hating, reverse misogynic, sexually depraved (and thus the supposed lesbian tendencies and bi tendencies) beings.

So, girls fear not if you are in a girls’ college, believe me, you’re blessed!!

Contributed By: Rajvi, student of MA in English and Communication Studies, IP University, graduation-English Hons. Lady Shri Ram College raajvi_gupta@yahoo.com


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