A No – Saying No

A No – Saying No

Seems like ages… I have been trying to learn to say “NO”.

NO to doing things wherein my brain doesn’t support me, NO to accepting situations wherein my heart doesn’t keep up with me, NO to acknowledging people cordially when my eyes would refuse to even stare at, NO to smile when my face muscles would only move to frown.

Why? Why is it that a two-lettered word is the most difficult word to say? And I am sure that many of us would be facing this kind of dilemma in their personal and professional life. And to make matter worse it becomes more complicated when we have to say it to people we are close to.

And in an attempt to keep our lives of these complications, we keep on accumulating our “NOs” and may be carry it to our graves.

Is it the fear of rejection, reaction and retaliation over our “NO” that overwhelms our mind? What does it actually take to stand up and say “No, I don’t agree with this or I don’t want to do this or I don’t like this”?

I know life’s dictionary has lot more words than a “NO” and they enjoy a better usage in our routine and not-so-routine situations but a “NO” sometimes here & there can serve as breathers….. maybe a “NO” will give that much needed pause where one has the time to “Look before you leap”… And maybe then there will be less baggage of “NOs” , grudges and regrets.

Contributed By:  Ritu Bhatnagar reetu.bhatnagar@gmail.com

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