What is The Purpose?

What is The Purpose?     

When a man comes into this world, his smile makes everybody happy. As a child he cannot speak but everybody is willing to listen. Everybody follows his each and every action with curiosity but cannot understand him.

A child grows up to be a boy and slowly learns to get going with this world. Its action and thoughts are not more independent. A heavy impression is created by parents, elders and teachers with whom the boy mixes. He learns to say something while thinking something else. The boy becomes a man as time passes by. Now he is neither selfless nor dependent. His true self is lost and he does not listen to him. He is busy racing against time to acquire all the worldly pleasures and has no time for looking at himself or his children.

Time wins and before he realizes it, the man is old. His children think that he is outdated and his grandchildren are too young to understand him. How much he wants to tell them all, the purpose of being in this world but nobody listens.

He says to himself – It is too late – “What Is the Purpose”?

Contributed By: Hari Haran is a Chartered Accountant by qualification and an international tax consultant by profession. His passion for writing has allowed him to contribute lots of articles related to the professional field. A vivid reader and good presenter, Hari has also authored books on international tax. His passion for writing also keeps bringing out area of general interest.

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