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Small Ones With Large Hearts

This ‘sound off’ has two parts.

The first part : My daughter studies in the 7th standard in one of the best schools in the city viz. This year when the school reopened in June it was a different tension altogether. For some valid reasons the management had decided to shuffle the sections. Needless to say she was shuffled and was alone from her so called soul mates – the gang of six – can we call them sensible six OR sweet six – in the new section.

We parents had to meet the principal & the others a couple of times a day to sort this out with the only intension of going back to her good old section and join the sweet seven. After a hard  & humble battle which had to be won ( other wise she refused to go to school ) fearing new admission and sky rocketing donation to the new school which was not at all in the agenda, we were  pleased as the Principal obliged to our request. ( thanks to the kind & understanding Principal – wish all schools had such a Principal). Home was calm after the storm. When everything was slowly settling down in the new section they realized that they were missing one more of the ‘sweet six’.

Here begins part II: When they realized their pal had not paid the school fee and hence was absent indefinitely, all the six got together with a ‘master plan’, spoke to each ones parents, shared the total fee amount and ensured she is back to school after paying the fee.

Now isn’t that a large heart? How many of us reading this have such a large heart? So finally the credit goes to the school to have sowed right vitamins and parents to nurturing the right seeds.

We understood why she was so stubborn to go back to her old section to be with her wonderful pals, after all who wants to miss them.

Contributed By: Vinou Rajesh is an advertising professional and is very passionate about communication in general. Loves to write on real life incidences that leaves a mark behind.

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