Moments of Solitude

Moments of Solitude

I’m thinking of someone
Towards whom, I always want to run
Just a glimpse of her
Makes my heart stir
The warmth of her hand
Is like a magic wand
Her words of care and love
In every way are all above!.

That’s my Mumma….an ocean of love, a mountain of faith, a temple of holiness! If there is a way to reach God, all I’ve to do is to bow my head to her feet….and the divine revelation of being in heaven of happiness dawns upon me! I met my Mumma after a long, long time. And when I met her, I met my God! A moment to remember…her eyes overflowing with love and my eyes quenching their thirst!

Then her hug…I believe that’s the best thing I’ve got and keep getting as a priceless gift. And every time she hugs me, my childhood is back…I get connected to my innocence!

Then the long drive with her, sharing scoops of ice cream with her…sweet memories of a much awaited evening! There were couple of hours left to board the train. It’s immaterial to mention from where I came to meet my Mumma and where I was going. What matters most is to recall the fact that life itself is a journey with a series of stations; some stations are filled with joy and happy moments while others are with blues!

Those few hours with my Mumma on roof top of the building with no one around, have been permanently captured in the album of the best memories of my life. We had the company of night sky, cool breeze, twinkling stars and were surrounded by eagle’s eye view of silent hours of a busy city!

On one side of midnight had the whole world asleep and on other side of midnight had the two of us–mother and son talking about each others’ good and bad experience. Again what we talked about is immaterial. Because there was so much to talked about! What mattered most were the moments of togetherness when there was no disturbance, no interruptions of worldly affairs. And I could cherish the sweet experience of a river of love flowing unhindered!

I believe moments of solitude are essential means to nurture a relationship or even maintaining the sweetness of a relationship; especially the ones that are lifetime connections. We’re so much caught up with our business that we tend to forget our essence. The close to your heart relationships are the integral part of our essence; playing an indispensable role in our identity!

Such moments of solitude with someone you love, reveals that there’s more to a relationship than just a name. Like in those silent hours I spent with my Mumma, I could deeply experience the unfathomable, limitless love emanating from my Mumma’s heart. And basking in the glory of that beautiful experience, I’m hereby sharing this revelation!

Contributed By:  Vikram Anand, vikram.anand09@yahoo.in  I’m an Oil Industry professional. Writing is my hobby, my passion which I explore in times of contemplation.

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