Still Waiting

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Still Waiting

I’m beginning to lose faith or almost left with none as far as our fate is concerned. My mind is boggled up between so many possibilities. A temporary, however prolonged phase of despair? Could my pathological delusions be acting up again with a fresh new target toy? This is what I find when looking within. But if I were to point fingers at you, I would say; you’re not into me? Obsessed with your work?

Here or there, darling, I don’t see the reason why we should be together. In a pragmatic age that we live in, sentiments without reason carry no weight. Why am I then still here? Is it you, our relationship and my psychic belief in it or simply because I want the security of a man?

Phone rings. “Hello”! “Hey, you at home?” Smiling, “yeah. I was just thinking about you” the smile turns sheepish however. “Oh yeah. I hope they’re dirty. Anyway I just wanted to check if you paid the bills?” “Oh yeah. Of course. I was just stepping out to…”

“Great! Later baby” “Yeah. Bye. I Lo…” Beep beep. In the middle of something I suppose.

Contributed By: Makepeace Sitlhou. I’m a Post Grad student who loves pondering too much over many things in life and then sublimating them in words. hope my expressions make an impression. makepeace.sitlhou@gmail.com

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