Tragedy Sleeps Beside Optimism, Musings

Tragedy Sleeps Beside Optimism

Often a grey curtain of enigma oscillates in front of my vision. This obstruction is not a real one; it is my mental stress, agony, disappointment and even a few times profound grief. The yellow pages of my mind impel me to plunge into the pool of dismay. Life becomes an object to endure. Hope, positive zests cease to exist. Tremendous torment blurs the future line with overwhelming waves of disillusion.

Life is the most gorgeous gift to any mortal creature. Favorable circumstances support the continuity of its grace and glamour. But intolerable procession of adverse occurrences converts it into a sweltering pot of volcano. Its torment strangulates the motion of life, compels one to contemplate over the thoughts of death and pessimism. The overwhelming grief floods away all the hopes and aspirations of humane minds. Life becomes an unbearable saddle to put up with.

But every cloud has a silver has a silver lining every abstract situation occurrence ultimately renders some rays of optimism. Human beings are mere floating particles in governing stream of fate. Though an upright heart at the end receives comfort. The definition of life and its unpredictability can never be typified or chased by any theory. It is always a moving thread in the wheel of time that is also mentioned in Greek myths. Its diverse aspects represent themselves, often in a sudden manner and with astonishing approach. It is beyond human comprehension, often. Allover, according Biblical allusion, human beings are always adhered to endless misery and Sufferings, but an eternal trust for emancipation flourishes concurrently, always?

Contributed By: Madhumanti madhumantia_007@yahoo.co.in

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