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A True Leader

First of all I would like to thank my friend Reena who told me about this website and so inspired by her I am trying to pen down my thoughts in form of a short story.

I have been working for 6 and a half years now and have come across many people but there is one person who has really inspired me with his working style, his way of handling people, his knowledge and his urge to continuously learn more and more from a junior or senior colleague, but what really makes him the best person is his concern for other person, he really takes care of his people who are working with him. His name is Mr. C Kishan and he is a senior professional.

Kishan Sir, this is how I address him, is known to me for past one and half years, he works for the same organisation as I do. He stays in Bangalore but often travels to Mumbai because of his work. Whenever he comes Mumbai, I try spending time with him..

During our informal chats he has told me many incidents like how in one organization he had retained his juniors and made them super heroes where in he was ask to remove them. He believes that a leader can define the path of his juniors and make them performers.

I, too, have seeded for his guidance several times even though I am from a different department, he has always helped me readily.

Today there are some changes happening in our organisation, new management is taking over and in this scenario no one in our organization knows what will happen next, how many people would be a part of the new group etc.

Under such circumstances, Kishan Sir has really taken care of his department. He has a team of 12-15 people and he has made sure that each one of them is placed and has a job in the new system. As far as his position is concerned, the picture is still unclear and not once I have seen him worried about himself, through out this journey, he has just been bothered about his juniors.

I have been really touched by this act of his.

Today in this world when people are just bothered about themselves, I am glad to come across a super leader who not only guides you but also nurtures you and takes care of you to the extend of placing your interest before his.

Contributed By:   Rolly Kapoor rolly11@gmail.com


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