Truth is a Far-Fetched Reality

Truth is a Far-Fetched Reality

Friendship has been showcased as one of the noblest abstract noun a man can possess. Losing a dear friend to reason is painful and an insult to my ability to filter and define friendship.

When I met this stranger, a few days back, he reminded me of a pesky slug, in a beautiful garden. Many fleeting thoughts interfered with my daily routine. I submitted myself to a month’s torture and tended these moments diligently. I convinced my ego to let go its originality- to win a good friend!! Sometimes emotions overruled the situation.

I basked in this new found intensity, for a few days and felt like an excited teen capturing these priced moments for the future. Indeed it was not love- this self realization gave a lot of comfort in friendship. Strikingly different thoughts, an excellent color scheme while rendering heartfelt feelings, an inflated ego nursing a few sleeping aspirations. This pesky slug awoke the forgotten past in me! Is this friendship?

Every moment was enigmatic – a war was won. I realized the changes in me. It made me feel complete and happy. Although it was thoroughly satisfying, my intuition screamed that it wouldn’t last the season. Most often my intuition proved right. Stepping out of reality, I realized, my friendship was discussed and dissected. It had lost its identity of being sacred. It was mistaken for some common emotion …..that was never stated. This pesky slug became an acquaintance who gave me a whiff of true friendship. A loss that keeps ringing every time I shake hands with a stranger.

Contributed By: Meenakshi is a language trainer. minurajagopal68@gmail.com

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