All That is Between Us

All That is Between Us

In the middle of night
I wake up from the bed
Going through all the contacts
Reading those messages again and again
Lost in those moments
The time that we shared
The thing that is between us

I look at your picture
Feel like stroking your hair
Realize that we are poles apart
Only if I could call out your Name
Wish you could see those expressions
That I often choose to hide
May be waiting for the time
To tell the world
All that is between us

Journey has began
Journey of you and me
With steep curves
Where there are dreams to follow
Ambitions to achieve
Our love story is different

We are people –two kinds –of two extremes
With time as we get to know each other
There will be disappointments, disagreements,
At the same time romance and curiosity
Only patience and trust
Will help us preserve all that is between us

The end is uncertain
But we will stick to the positive
Convincing some people
Finding an alternative
In this circle
All I ask is
To stick by my side
When roads get tough
As unconditional love is what we have
Will always be between us

Contributed By:  @Copyright -Pooja Galgali a_pooja79@yahoo.in


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