Bitter Reality

Bitter Reality

We have changed a lot
Here my mind got caught

Innocent smiles from within is a story of past
Today ‘portrait smiles’ from faces comes so fast

We loose friends easily & gain more enemies easily
Love doesn’t matter, what matters is only money

How happy we were, when did not use our minds
Today endless worries have troubled our minds

Once we lived together & shared our hearts
We are now left with no emotions, like human beings of fake parts

What we all desire is only money and fame
Deeds don’t matter, what a shame

Why don’t we broaden our minds
Think of honesty, love & being

Let’s put off the mask of artificiality
As we have forgotten our originality

Bring back your innocence & pit your ego under feet
Promise to be a genuine and never to be a cheat

Don’t feel the need to change something around you
Feel the need to change yourself just within you

Contributed By:  GEETANSHU KATHURIA a graduate in journalism and mass
communication. Love to write poems and articles. geetanshuk5@gmail.com

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