Corruption Zindabad

Corruption Zindabad

Many claim
Corruption is a universal way!
Accept it and say – corruption Zindabad!

See! A collector of revenue
hoards illicit wealth
A judge of case laws breaks financial laws

A legislator passes an obtuse law
A common citizen accepts and gives bribe!
Greedy wife accept gifts from her callous husband

Husband showers love, on his many girl friends!
Kids show emotions, to their careless parents

We offer gifts to omnipotent God and enjoy VIP darshan!
So, indirectly its accepted, by none other than God!

Alas! they are censured in divine ways
Collector gets suspension!
Judge faces impeachment, legislator loses election

Wife loses respect, husband gets ditched
Parents watch their, kids as failures!

For those who say Corruption Zindabad
There is another word barbaad!

Glossary: Zindabad: Hail, victory Darshan: Visit
Barbaad: Ruin

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Contributed By:  Ashish Dimri is a practicing wordsmith. Contact him : ashishdimri1@gmail.com


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