Be Your Diamond

Be Your Diamond

The moment in time when the odds are stacked,
Feeling the pressure, you’re forced to react.
On the brink of tears, from failures and fears,
You bend to one knee and hope that he hears.
Thinking of walking away from all the pain you wonder what you
Knowing not to quit when you’re hardest hit and gaining the
strength to fight back.
We all have a struggle, a personal battle to beat.
But if you’re stood in the kitchen, expect some heat.
Diamonds are made from heat and pressure,
The times we find toughest are here to test us.
The strength of a person can be seen at their weakest,
I won’t walk away; I know I can beat this.

(Extract of ‘The Winners Monologue’ available at www.emotive-fitness.co.uk)

Contributed By: Mark O’Hara  markosteel@hotmail.com

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