The Dream Girl

The Dream Girl

Thou art dancing through my day dreams,
Myriad colours you are, mesmerizing, at every glimpse,

Hold on your gracious charm, with pride you swirl
Ah!! Lost I am, in the wavy layers of your umbrella whirl,

You glorify the beauty of hallowed creation,
Eternal you are, free from any humane notion,

Your face, is all my imagination,
Hidden away from the chaos of earthly hallucination,

Breeze through the curls of your golden hair,
Maketh me sleep in dreams?it is no way fair!

Queen of the blue in my heart?you make me pink
Oh! Lovely white, dew, moist, I am thirsty as I drink,

Heavenly is thine arrival with an angelic
Render me speechless with your entire glow

Sorely slow, blow-by-blow!!

Contributed By:  Adithya.K Email: adithyawrites@gmail.com  I am a student of applied physics,interested creative writing and things that are new!! I am a 19 year old South-Indian,who loves to be inspired and to inspire others…

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