An Eye Opener

An Eye Opener

He came running towards me, with open hands and tattered clothes
Please give me a rupee he said, a young lad of medium built

I haven’t eaten for days he said, please have pity on me he implored
Give me just a rupee he repeated, I haven’t any change with me I retorted

I looked at him from head to toe, he looked quite hale & healthy and so
I offered him a job to entail, him atleast two square meals a day

Quite happy at my decision,  I asked him to follow me
But I was horrified, to see him look at me with derision

He ran away from me, beseeching another with a similar plea
“I cannot work”, I could hear him say, “Carry some change with you everyday….”

This incident made me wonder, if we are to blame for this breed of idlers
Who have just made begging their profession, cheating people and feigning misery – their mission.

Contributed By: Ms. Sathya Venkatesh

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