Beautiful feeling to long
Long for visions
Visions that are overlooked
Getting to its root, under the base even
The feelings more beautiful than
Was ever

Here the mirror defines you
But the mirror you have
Only depicts your wants
Unrevealing you’re true self

If minds broaden for thoughts
You see the inner self in you
That’s when you know, you understand
Appreciate the (Gift) with serendipity
One feels the beauty to be here, endure
Which is, a new lesson everyday
Learning to be with, to live with, to feel with
But roots, grow to stem to branches to flowers

It’s an unseen feeling in you’re presence
In the midst or somewhere around
Feeling one loves and seeks is always present
Waiting, waiting to let go, to come to you
In this beauty, time passes
Slow, fast, pace is unseen
Subconsciously kept
Realization, far away from life
But, One who knows
Lives life eternally

Contributed By:  Julius Alexander, I am a person of few words, however I wouldn’t say that about my thoughts. This is a piece I wrote back in the days of my nascent stages of writing. It’s still not a profession though. A cherished hobby. alejulius@gmail.com

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