The Forbidden Land


Once I was a heaven on earth
Today, I am ‘a living hell’
Cries of orphaned children
echoes in beautiful valleys.
Snow covered mountains
are now home for terrorists.
Tranquility of lakes are
disturbed by constant bombings.
Pure springs are
filled with innocent blood.
Humble smiles are
replaced by frightful expressions.

Freedom to live is a fantasy.
Socio-economic growth is an unfulfilled dream.
Job opportunities are out of reach.
Political stability is impossible to achieve.

I know, I am No man’s land.
I wonder why, India-Pak fight for me?
I ask them when I’ll be free?
Tell me who’ll stop the war?
Answer me, before I turn into

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Contributed By: Smita Kamble, Bangalore working as a Hindi Lecturer. smitap.kamble@gmail.com


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