Freedom in my Eyes

Freedom in my Eyes

After more than half a century of independence, Indian women in various parts of the nation are still not free. They live a life of sacrifices and compromises. They do not enjoy the freedom to take decisions for themselves, to live for their own dreams. Many female fetuses are aborted as families want only male children. They do not receive education and are married at an early age to the man family decides on. I wish to see freedom in true sense. I wish to see free souls in this country where women are still just better than slaves.

Give me tiny little wings to fly.
Give me a song, to sing.
Give me a piece of the sky.
Give me a dream to live in.
I want to live for no reason,
But live for my wishes.
I want to feel the meaning of this life.
Freedom is all I need.
See it in my eyes.

When I wake up every day,
There are a million things I am supposed to do.
I feel broken so many times.
In the name of custom, we are enslaved to lies.

Freedom is all I need.
See it in my eyes.

I want to be able to picture my world for myself,
I want to take no orders.
Have my life, my own way.
I want to feel alive, in true way.

And when they say they love me,
I ask my parents my family,
Where were they when I needed?
Needed those to stand by me?

I look for truth in this society.
Where women deserve no dignity?
Daughter is not a reason for sorrow!
I look for a free girl of tomorrow.

To be born, to be educated
To be capable, to have no fear.
Freedom is all she needs.
See it in her eyes.

Contributed By:  Dr. Khyati Wadhwa Indore MP khyatiwadhwa@gmail.com

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