Hang On

Hang On

If we stand in the darkness afraid of our own light
After all of the effort we put in at night
When we’ve sat for hours trying to release our ideas
With our backs against the wall covered in tears.
Having fears that our best isn’t good
But holding onto hope just in case that we could
Go further and higher because someone believes
Somebody, a stranger, for once it’s not me.

To hold your own when all hope is gone
To display belief when it seems there’s none
To have your pride come from deep inside
To say that it’s your vision and you’ll make it in time
But to hold on just that minute longer, when the air of doubt is
getting stronger
And your temperament is quick to anger and you’re hanging on by
your little finger.
The tide will change for the effort you gave
Many had fallen where you had stayed
With your doubts slain you can scream aloud
That you gave your all and feel very proud

(Extract of ‘The Winners Monologue’ available at www.emotive-fitness.co.uk)

Contributed By: Mark O’Hara  markosteel@hotmail.com

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