A Happy Tomorrow – At What Cost?

A Happy Tomorrow – At What Cost?

With a heavy load of books, tucked on to her back
A child walks slowly, to school everyday

Nobody sees her off to school, both parents work full-time
They tell her they work 24×7, for her to have a better life

When she gets back home from school, the maid gives her snacks to eat
Her clothes are changed and she’s then packed, off to tuition till 8’0 clock

For 8’0 clock, the child, impatiently waits, to show her parents
The award she has won, in school, for a poetry competition.

Her parents come home by 8’0 clock, they shoo her away, when she opens up to them
Overcome by fatigue, they go to sleep, leaving her alone and in grief

For the child another morning dawns, and its like this for many children
Promising them of a better morrow, are parents robbing them of a Happy Today?

Contributed By:  Sathya Venkatesh

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