Her Cane

Her Cane

Her cane
Served her different purposes.
It helped to teach globe
It helped to mind unruly students.

Fables claim it produced
Successful human sagas
which are appreciated
by envious parents!

It was once a sign of authority.
The moment she raised it
It meant pin drop silence!
It meant, time to show home work!

Yes ! It signified benchmark!
Those who fared well
were protected by it.
Many slow learners
were blessed by it.

Fables claim it produced
Successful human beings
Their glorious sagas
Often appear in news !

Alas, time never stays still!
She is in her post retirement days.
All her students have forgotten her
And now, her cane takes her to pension office.

(A small poetic effort on fate of teachers!)

Contributed By:  Ashish Dimri is a practicing wordsmith. Contact him : ashishdimri1@gmail.com

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