What is Your Identity?

What is Your Identity?

On my way back home
I observed something strange
Is this the real mentality of people?
….when it’s going to change?

Terrorism forced their minds
To think & differentiate identity of different kinds

Now let me tell you what I’d found,
“People judging one’s identity, being religion, class, caste, and color bound”

I saw few people died in an explosion
You know what the public’s reaction?
“Smell the blood, smell the religion

Look for his identity card, judging someone is not a tension!
Is he a Hindu, or a Muslim, a Sikh or a Christian?

Who is going to judge his religion…
This issue got spread in the entire region …

Do people gonna see and smell the roti in his Tiffin, scattered when he fell
And which caste he belongs to, it may fail to tell…!

Do blood stained clothes of him,
Torn shoes, broken bicycle, and book over the carrier & toys for his son…
Will let people know his identity, his nationality; this thought came to my mind and asked “are people fond of cruelty??”

I walked straight….
But my eyes told me to wait….

I saw a mother, looking for her daughter
She was badly crying, her eyes were full of fear…
As the girl was only reason to cheer

Now who will decide her religion?
“Is it on the basis of mother’s fear?”

Who lost who doesn’t matter for some?
But they have forgotten, someday they can also be the one…

Hey people, now let me answer you
What is their identity actually?

The flooded blood is of a person
Who belongs to a poor class,
Who travels on his favorite bicycle,
Whose dreams break up at last like a weak glass…

Also listen these blood stained clothes are of laborers of mill, workers of the factory, farmers of the village …Who share basis to your life
But pity, they’re a first hunt for rich to smash their rights…

I have all the answers, still silent for few
Truth of society, is all what I can tell you

The mother’s tear cannot judge her religion,
Blood stained clothes can’t recognize his caste…
Isn’t that to society, human beings are worth a total waste…?

Is religion, caste, class, color your priority?
Oh my dear friends, it’s not your IDENTITY!!!!

Contributed By: GEETANSHU KATHURIA a graduate in journalism and mass
communication. Love to write poems and articles. geetanshuk5@gmail.com

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