Living in downtrodden swamps
Covering misty locales where
Views steal words
And sometimes steal ‘themselves’ !
Far away from reality
Far across that reality
Far within that reality,
Among those realms
Of Unseen nightmares
Like ‘Night Mares’ galloping
Throughout subconscious,
Of those realms.
Absence of celestial light, any …
Surroundings un-appareled.

Reverberating in the veins
And the arteries;
Walking across life in silence.
Confidence, yet, intruding as dark matter.
Screams…, screams from nowhere.
I move on across the trifles
Walking across dreams ‘ve never
Achieved at all.
And those shattered realms
Spewing —- only ‘Venoms’
With the passing away of the last train
Of thought, awhile ago, ere
The fog descends on the tracks
Rather suddenly.
Awkwardly sudden .
Seconds tick by,
The fog, part in white, yet in dark.
Obscures the vision
Just like it ; Does to everyone
Who confronts it,
Or, dares to….

Hanging on the ledge,
I,…… Like those bats, in the dark.
Footsteps heard — without footfalls.
Or, just ‘creature-likes’,
The creatures — all dumb,
Witnesses, probably the dumb witnesses.
No one dare to bare —-
At those ‘Asleep’.
Like subjects, these predicates , too—–

Contributed By:  Dibyendu Ghosal dibs.erotica@gmail.com

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