Life is a Bed of Roses

Life… is a bed of roses

Life… is a bed of roses
Life is love, life is fun
Sometimes there is shade, at times there is the sun!
Roses add beauty and charm all around
With a fragrance so sweet, life becomes a sleepy dream; safe and sound
However, look at the mysterious rose
Be awake; don’t keep your eyes closed
Because sweet is admired if you have suffered the sour
A rose doesn’t come without the thorns
Life is a bed of roses… with a little bit of thorns
A thorn makes it difficult to get the rose
But once you get it, your happiness grows

Even life has its ups and downs, lows and highs
Accept a challenge with courage, never say goodbye
Life comes once … enjoy it the most
Throw away the thorns and enjoy the rose!!

Contributed By:  Ivneet Kaur ivy1000@gmail.com

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