Life As You See It

Life As You See It   

Life is as you see it,
Its up to you to make it fit,

Good or bad, white or black,
Effort will never let you lack.

Don’t live in the past or the future,
The present is a gift of Nature,

Every moment should be lived fully,
Even when faced with a bully.

Worrying is going against God,
Because you are protected like peas in a pod.

Whatever destined is going to happen,
So let the goodness in your heart ripen.

Become a driftwood in life’s river,
Move with it without a quiver.

Do not ever doubt God’s decision,
He always makes it with precision.

Do what you do wholeheartedly,
And live life fearlessly.

Contributed By: Amita amita17149@hotmail.com

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