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Life is like a running stream and not a stagnant pool
So just enjoy life!

Life is about happiness though it brings some pain.
Meet life as a challenge accept it as a gift.
Overcome from the sorrows and dare it like an adventure

Some say life is easy some say it to be tough
I say life is what you make it really!

Life is neither hell nor heaven
It is not a puzzle you cannot solve
Life is life which we have to live and survive

Life goes on with rising of SUN and MOON
It raises itself with the shining of stars and falling of rain
Whether you are happy or sad, joyous or gloomy
Life goes on!

So all dear ones
Life is like a running stream and not a stagnant pool
So just enjoy life!

Contributed By:  Mrs. Mukta Mundhra, I am political science and economics graduate. Have also done my management studies in marketing. Have a flair for writing. I am an ardent reader with interests ranging from social to economic topics and from facts to fiction. I have also written stories for kids in various articles. Post marriage I moved to Beijing and since than I am working as a freelance writer. mukta.mundhra23@gmail.com

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