Say No To Old Age Homes

Say No To Old Age Homes

By giving us birth and letting us grow, They shed their blood and sweated their brow,

At every stage of our lives, they were there by our side
In our triumphs, they rejoiced! in our defeat, they shared our grief

Who else but our PARENTS, can be so kind and good to us?
As we grow and take new roles, by way of marriage or going offshore,

We turn cold blooded or heartless to say, to the same old parents- whom we had promised to repay, We turn them out from our heart and homes, to “old-age homes” where they are left to roam,

In their heart they have bitter memories, and in our hearts we are guilty.
The sacrifices we have to make, by way of taking care of them in their old age,

Are very minor – which we should surmount, for when there is a will there is a way.
If only every child makes a promise to keep, his parents with himself, many a joy he would reap..

A blissful home, a stress free life, will be his forever- forever in life.

Contributed By: Ms. Sathya Venkatesh is working as a copy editor in an equity analysis firm in Coimbatore. Writing poems, stories for children and painting are her other interests. Email: crvsat@hotmail.com

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