Parents and Their Eternal Love

Parents and Their Eternal Love

Small bright eyes and clenched fists,
Tears trickling down covered with the mists…

That’s how we enter this world,
Unaware of the future…trapped and curled…

Taken to your mum amid meaningless songs,
Getting love and care and everything your heart longs…

She hugs and kisses, with her newly formed passion,
Neither money nor jewelery but you become her fashion…

Stays awake every night, for YOUR sound sleeps,
For a glance of your face, from blanket she peeps…

She drops her tears, to wipe yours away…
She cuddles…she adores…in her heart you always stay…

Then comes your father…tactful and strong,
Guiding you always, on your rights and wrongs…

Chilled out yet strict, he becomes your hero,
Your worries and problems come down to zero.

Then you grow up, they become your friends,
They try to catch up with your ever changing trends.

Sometimes you tell sometimes you yell
They make it heaven for you if you ever feel like hell!

Then just as a baby bird fly in the sky,
You fly too…leaving behind a sigh!

As the winter of your parents comes near…
All they want now is just YOU my dear!

Their heart longs for your feel…your touch,
They count on you…’cause they love you so much!

They long for your warmth…your love and care…
‘Would you let them down?’—how can you even dare!!

At times they’ll tell…at times they’ll yell…
Now its you to make it heaven out of hell!

They are growing old, you should be their friends
Now its you to change with their trends…

It’s your turn now; show them that you love,
Respect their heart, being pure as a dove.

Cuddle them…embrace them…take their care!
Its YOU that they now need, please be fair…please be fair!!

Contributed By: Mansi Sharma mansi.s1992@yahoo.com

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