Path of Life

Path of Life

She walked the path of life

Full of joy full of fun

The path was smooth, so was life

She walked the path, full of pride

And with loved ones by her side

She walked and walked full of joy, full of pride.

But alas one fine day something sharp Pierced her feet.

The pain was such that it pierced her soul

She looked down to see what it was

All she could see was thorns and thorns

Strewn all over her path of life

She turned back to run away but couldn’t

See nothing but darkness as black as death.

She looked ahead and saw a light far away

Golden and bright

She walked ahead, walked and walked

She walked the path full of thorns,

She walked the path full of pain and tears down her cheeks

To reach the golden light of life

To rest her feet and her soul at the alter of the almighty

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Contributed By: Geetha Menon, Graduate from Calcutta University Married and settled in Navi Mumbai geets34@rediffmail.com


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