The Pressure to Succeed

The Pressure to Succeed

The pressure for success can be a strain,
when your best is expected, but you feel like you’re failing.

And you know that you’re capable,
but for some reason you’re stalling.

Trying to live up to the expectations of your friends and peers
But the higher they place you,
the worse your fears and harder the fall is.

The doubt of others can sometimes be best
When trying to achieve, it becomes a test.

To prove them wrong without the pressure of success.

Being expected to fail gives you something to prove
With no reputation you’re not likely to lose it.

It doesn’t matter who’s on your side or who wants to see you fall
The fear of failing or even success can be within us all.

With courage you flourish and let go of the fear
Finally living up to the expectations of your friends and peers.

(Extract of ‘The Winners Monologue’ available at www.emotive-fitness.co.uk)

Contributed By: Mark O’Hara  markosteel@hotmail.com

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