My Search For God

My Search For God

Small boy

Search for God – Little Boy

I searched for God in a temple, I searched for Him in a church.
In sun, rain and snow, I continued relentlessly with my search.

All my attempts ended in vain, he continued to elude me, giving me pain

I prayed and wept day after day, a glimpse of Him seemed far away
On one of my usual walks by the bay

As I dwelled on his myriad ways, he revealed himself to me.
In one of his most mysterious ways!

I saw a lad, in tattered clothes, totally lost and in pain

I fed him and clothed him, comforted him and guided him
Back to the orphanage where he stayed.
At night when I finally retired to bed, In my dreams – I was led

To the photo of the boy whom I’d fed, “I came in his guise”, God smilingly said.
I’ve stopped searching for God you know, in temples and churches, in rain or snow

For He made me realise on that day, that hands that help are holier than lips that pray.

Contributed By: Ms. Sathya Venkatesh is working as a copy editor in an equity analysis firm in Coimbatore. Writing poems, stories for children and painting are her other interests. Email: crvsat@hotmail.com

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